Eczema-Inflammation of SkinEczema, we commonly know is an inflammation of skin, a Greek word which means ‘to boil’. It is the troublesome & common skin disorder.

With attention to emphasize, it is an inflammation of the skin due to the formation of vesicles or pustules.

To put it another way eczema is essentially a congenital disorder depends upon the toxic condition of your body’s system.

There are several form of skin inflammation and majority of all are persistent.

Symptoms, Causes & The Cures:

Due to severe heat vacuole are formed which results redness & swelling of the skin.

In the first place when vesicles got ruptured a colourless discharge ooze after formation of a raw & moist surface which further forms skin crusts after accumulation.

Correspondingly under normal condition at night our body’s heat is retained by bed cloths so at that time the effect of eczema is worst compared to day.

Significantly to enumerate our skin itches frequently at all stages and produce irritation. Therefore when you scratch your skin it becomes infected with bacteria.

Furthermore scratching your skin in wet stage spreads infection and lengthens the healing process.

As an illustration to demonstrate after experience the signs below, you may consider the following symptoms as eczema:

Intense itching on skin,

Appearance of red rashes with bumps,

Thick plaques on skin,

Painful cracks in the skin,

Puffy, itchy & red eyelids,

Dark colored patches of skin,

Rough, leathery or scaly patches of skin.

 Eczema-Inflammation of Skin

It is important to realize that allergies are one of the main source causing eczema. Particularly to point out that in general allergic women get eczema on their hands due to soap or detergents used to wash clothes or dishes.

If you are allergic to metal then you have higher chances to get eczema around the your finger after wearing ring.

Another key noted point according to recent research is that 75 percent people suffering from eczema are allergic to a number of foods.

The most common triggers for sensitive persons are:





Cow’s Milk,

Chicken and Potato.

In fact it is important to realize that the actual cause of eczema is non excretion of poisons from the body in the form of breath from lungs, stools from rectum, urine from bladder and finally sweat from pores of skin.

Another key point to remember that overworking of skin pores do not excrete poisons properly, hence because of abnormal function of pores the sweat will be gruesome and cause skin disorders like:



Boils and other eruptions.

Other causes include:

Faulty Metabolism,


Nutritional Deficiencies.



Frustration and other emotions.

As a matter of fact some time the suppressive drug taken for other disease treatment is also a most prospective peripheral acting cause factor in many cases.

In the long run skin applications to cure eczema only gives momentary relief, but if the fluid emitted through wound is forcibly put to an end then some other disease may develop.

As a result under above circumstances to deal with eczema, the best way is to cleanse your body internally along with the blood stream.

Consequently to cleanse your body  must start with a liquid fast of orange juice & water for at least five days, you may extend your fast depending upon the severity & duration of the disease.

Henceforth for this reason the juice fasting will not only eliminate toxic waste from your body but also leads to substantial progress.

Initially during juice fasting you may feel weakness in your body because of the excess expulsion of waste matter from your body, but as you continues fasting the weakness will convert into strength.

Generally speaking by & large juice fasting at intervals of two months or so is highly beneficial for skin diseases.

If you are suffering from chronic eczema then you must fast at least once a week till you feel comfortable.

In continuation after juice fast you should start taking fruits & raw or steamed vegetables with whole meal bread, but you must take one meal of carrot & muskmelon.

Thereupon after all above you should add curd & milk in your daily diet & gradually start taking well-balanced diet of basic foods like :

Seeds, Nuts and Grains,



Avoid using ghee in your diet & use coconut oil, as a result your diet must include raw foods such as sprouted seeds & beans like alfalfa, mung & soybeans with cold-pressed vegetable oil, honey & yeast.

Additionally to point out for the positive side you must avoid followings below mentioned one by one:




Condiments and highly flavoured dishes,


White flour products,

Denatured cereals like polished rice,

Pearled barley,

Tinned or bottled foods.

Moreover for the best result always eat pure and wholesome foods, raw vegetable juices, especially mixed carrot (300ml) & spinach (200ml.) juice.

In addition for your well-being, you should follow certain beneficial disciplines as described :

Get as much fresh air as possible.

Do not wear restrictive cloth.

Drink at least two or three litres of water in a day.

You must bath twice or thrice in a day.

Rub affected area with eczema vigorously with palm before bath.

Apply coconut oil to affected part, as it will help the skin to stay soft.

Do walking or jogging regularly.

Take sun bath under first light of dawn in the morning.

Apply light mudpack for an hour over the sites of the eczema twice or thrice a day.

Alternative Water Treatment

Above all the cold compress or cold wet fomentations therapy is highly beneficial & equally important to cure acute eczema.

Take a cold water (55°-60°F) moist cloth & wrap on affected area for every 15 to 20 minutes, you may feel itching or pain at initial stage, but after some time this will subside.

Application of cold compress twice a day for one week will give you effective results.