Headaches and MigraineHeadaches irritate intensely almost everyone around the globe at some time or the other.

Whenever you have headache, you should consider this as a nature’s warning that somewhere something is wrong in your body.

It is not related to any organic change in the brain, but a functional disorder being caused by temporary upset in the body .

In the first place an irritation arises to the nerve ends at the shoulder together with pain in neck, scalp and in the smooth muscles encircling the blood vessels which serve blood to these areas.

There are several types of headaches as well as many ways to treat it. As a matter of fact taking a medicinal drug shall provide temporary relief only but will not remove the root cause.

Moreover as a result the frequent use of pain-relieving drug causes nervous debility, weakens the heart and brings on other complications.Headaches and Migraine

Similarly, migraine is an ancient and intimidate infirmity. About 10 percent population around the globe living under modern condition are suffering from migraine.

To put it another way to explain, is is a primary headache disorder distinguish by repetitive headaches that are moderate to severe.

Migraine can be defined as a violent outburst of sick headache, it generally starts on one side of the head and by and large for the most is associated with the disorder of the digestion, liver and vision.

It usually occurs when you are under intense mental tension or you suddenly get over in that state. During excruciating pain you may occasionally experience nausea and vomiting which lasts for as long as three days.

Specifically most compelling evidence for one thing to remember that migraine conventionally gives warning before it strikes in the following ways:

Appearance of Black Spots around Eyes,

A Brilliant Zig-Zag line Appears before the Eyes,

Blurred Vision or Vision Blank Out.

In continuation when the headache occurs, you may feel slight prickling, stupefaction, or feebleness in your arms or legs.

It important to realize on the positive side that compulsive workers, precisionists and persons who are stickler for perfection have migrainous personality, because they always are under pressure to do everything right away.

Consequently under those circumstances after completing task, they suddenly laid down from a state of interim tension to a feeling of enormous relief.

Because of this reason the migraine comes, basically it is purely a physiological process in which head & neck muscles exhaust with too much work reacting to continuous stress results squeeze arteries to reduce blood flow.

Furthermore after overworking when you relax suddenly your body’s constricted muscles expand and stretch blood vessel walls.

In this process with each heartbeat, the blood flowing  through this vessels expands them further and causes implausible pain.

Cause and Treatment of Headaches and Migraine:

The common causes of headaches are


Emotional Reasons,


High Blood Pressure,



Low Blood Sugar ,

Nutritional Deficiency,


Presence of Poisons and Toxins in the Body,


Headaches and MigraineEventually sooner or later allergies are also an unsuspected cause of headache but at the same time it also vary in different individuals.

Moreover some allergic people may experience headaches during the intake of certain foods like:

Milk and Milk Products,


Chicken Liver,

Alcohol and Strong Cheese.

Sneezing and diarrhoea are further indications of an allergy.

Enormous emotions often cause headaches. This hidden malevolence may undeniable itself as headache.Headaches and Migraine

Therefore it is important to avoid negative feelings and find some safe means of expressions.

Eye-strain is a common cause of headache. In such cases, please take proper treatment.

Please refer below for your eyes:

Glaucoma-Hypertension of Eyes

Conjunctivitis- Inflammation of Conjunctiva

Defective Vision-Functional Derangement

Cataract-Opacity of Crystalline Lens

Simple following eye exercises can relieve eye-strain such as:

Moving the Eyes Up and Down and from Side to Side,


Rotating the Head,

Forward and Backward Neck Outstretched clockwise and anti-clockwise.

High blood pressure can also cause throbbing headaches which usually starts at the back of the head when you get up in the morning.

Other cause of headache is deficiency of B vitamins namely :

Pantothenic acid,

B1 (thiamine),

B12 and B6 (pyridoxine),

A safe method of treatment for this is to immerse your legs to calf-level in a tub of hot water for 15 to 20 minutes.

This draws the blood away from the head and down to the feet, giving relief from the headache.

Headaches and Migraine.To put it differently, many people after consuming excess alcohol get a severe headache. Because alcohol swells the blood vessels  which results a painful headache.

Hence for this reason always avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. In fact you may avoid hangover headache by taking a vitamin B-1 (thiamine) tablet with the drink.

Additionally tackle your infection such as as a cold, virus and fever carefully, because headaches may occur if there is an infection.

Ultimately in conclusion vitamin C therapy is the best way to tackle infections. You must take vitamin C rich foods daily.                            Fulfill You Vitamin C Deficiency

Even start taking high dose of vitamin C at an hourly intervals, when the first symptoms of sore throat, runny nose or cold etc. appears. Because being a natural antibiotic it always works as miracles.

Low blood sugar is one of the causes of irritability and headache. But sugar is not a cure for low blood sugar. It will only raise your blood sugar level temporarily and make you feel better for a while.

Stop intaking carbohydrates & you should completely eliminate coffee as it over stimulates the pancreas.

Therefore to control sugar level you should eat smaller meals at short intervals rather than the standard three large meals daily.

A lack of iron, resulting in anaemia, is a common cause of headache. The headache sometimes appears before the onset of anaemia, due to a chronic iron deficiency.

Hence take few teaspoons of brewer’s yeast (an excellent source of iron and anaemia) daily to prevent deficiency of anaemia & iron.

When taking any of the B-vitamin factors separately, it is absolutely essential to add the entire B-complex range to one’s diet in some form such as Brewer’s yeast, liver, wheat germ, etc., otherwise too much of one factor can throw the other factors into imbalance, resulting in other problems.

Actually, the entire B complex group itself serves as protection against headaches, including migraine.

Particularly tension by emotional conflicts is the most common cause of headaches which result in stress. In this case due to stress the muscles of the shoulder, neck and scalp tense unconsciously.

Persons who are irritable, tense and lose their temper quickly usually get this type of headache. It increases gradually and passes off with the release of tension.

Under these circumstances you should try to relieve the stress which produces the headache.

First thing to remember you must not profess poisons and toxins into your body through food, beverages and water, as well as through breathing, polluted air, as these are also equally responsible for disturbances.

With attention it is important to realize that a headache may be the first warning that a poison or toxin has entered into your body.

Certain appendage in foods, cosmetics, skin and hair products are also some time produce headaches.

Whenever you feel a headache, try to stay on your feet in the daytime as long as you can, do not try to overburden yourself, just perform simple do simple unpleasant but necessary routine tasks and get fresh air.

Altogether to prevent headaches, you must build up your body’s physical resistance by constructive thinking, exercising and by taking proper nutrition.

In order to start with first you should put yourself on a short juice fast and take diluted citrus fruit juices at least six times a day.

The above fast therapy you can save nervous energy to utilize for important activities & to take load of your digestive system. Consequently as a result your bodies blood and lymph will also be relieved of a great burden.

After a short fast you should fix & take your diet with the least possible strain on the digestive system with the following order:

Breakfast- Seasonal fresh & dried fruits.

Lunch– Protein rich foods like:

Eggs, Chicken breast, Tuna fish, Shrimp,

Oats, Peanuts,Pumpkin seeds, Brussels sprout,

Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Almonds,

Broccoli, Quinoa, Lentils, Ezekiel bread, etc. 

Dinner– Raw salads along with starchy foods such as:

Breads, Popcorn, Crackers, Tortillas, Cereals, Rice, Oatmeal, Barley, Millet and other grains,

Peas, Corn, Potatoes, Cassava, Taro, Water chestnuts, Plantains, Green bananas and lima beans,

Lentils, Kidney beans, Black-eyed peas, Chickpeas, Black beans, White beans, Pinto beans,

Always remember to avoid taking spices, tomatoes, sour buttermilk and oily foodstuffs.

Additionally for the best result first thing in the morning drink a glass of water mixed with a teaspoonful of honey.

Furthermore the following water therapies are also an equally effective remedies to relieve headaches:

Do the cleansing enema with water temperature at 98.6° F,

Take hot foot bath & a cold throat pack.

Wrap hot wet towel to the back of your neck.

Apply a cold compress at 40° to 60° F to the head and face.

Take abdominal hot fomentation just before retiring.

Above all on the positive side perform yoga regularly as per the following yogic kriyas, pranayamas & asanas as illustrated to get relieve from headaches & migraines:

Yogic kriyas –  Jala Neti and Kunjal,                                         Pranayamas – Anulom-Viloma, Sitkari and Shitali,Headaches and MigraineHeadaches and Migraine








Asanas such as Uttanpadasana, Paschimottanasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana and Shavasana.

 Headaches and Migraine

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