Conjunctivitis- Inflammation of ConjunctivaConjunctivitis refers to the inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin transparent membrane covering the front of the eye.

Although the conjunctiva is transparent, it contains blood vessels that overlay the sclera of the eye. Conjunctivitis is contagious and spreads through eye secretions from someone who already have infection.

As it spreads from person to person through direct contact, therefore overcrowding, dirty surroundings and unhealthy living conditions can cause epidemics of this ailment.

Moreover there are three types of conjunctivitis, Allergic, Bacterial & Viral.

Allergic Conjunctivitis- Inflammation of ConjunctivaAllergic Conjunctivitis usually occurs in both eyes, produce intense itching, tearing, and swelling in the eyes. It may occur with symptoms of allergy, such as an itchy nose, sneezing, a scratchy throat, or asthma.

Viral Conjunctivitis- Inflammation of ConjunctivaViral Conjunctivitis can occur with symptoms of a cold, flu, or other respiratory infection, first it begins in one eye and within days spread to the other eye. Discharge from the eye is usually watery rather than thick.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis- Inflammation of ConjunctivaBacterial Conjunctivitis usually begins in one eye and after sometimes spreads to the other eye is commonly associated with discharge of pus, especially a yellow-green color which is sometimes occurs with an ear infection.

Common Signs & Symptoms of Conjunctival Inflammation

Swelling in the thin layer that lines the white part of the eye and inside of the eyelid.

Feeling like something have entered in the eyes and an urge to rub the eyes.

Redness in the white portion of the eye.

At first the eyes are dry with burning sensation and later a watery secretion.

Crusting of eyelids or lashes, especially in the morning.

Contact lenses that do not stay in place on the eye and feel uncomfortable.

In more serious cases, there is pus formation & during sleep, this pus material dries & makes the eyelashes to stick together.

Causes  (Let Your Eyes Be relaxed)

Generally conjunctivitis results from bacterial infection, viruses or eye-strain and by skin-to-skin contact like handshakes or hugs.

Touching contaminated surface like blankets or doorknobs are also the causes of conjunctival inflammation.

Prolonged work under artificial light and excessive use of the eyes in one way or the other no doubt contributes towards this disease.

Consequently, the real cause is a catarrhal condition of the system, resulting from general toxaemia due to dietetic errors and faulty style of living .

The person generally suffers from colds or other ailments indicative of a general catarrhal condition.

The Cure

The treatment of conjunctivitis through salves and ointments does not cure the disease. For effective results your treatment must be constitutional.

A thorough cleansing of the system and adoption of natural laws in diet and general living alone can help eliminate conjunctivitis.

The best way to commence the treatment is to adopt an exclusive fresh fruit diet for about seven days.

Your diet must consist of seasonal fresh juicy fruits such as apple, orange, pears, grapes, pineapple and grapefruit.

If you have a serious trouble, then you should undertake a juice fast for three or four days.

Take warm water enema daily during the period of fasting.

Further after short juice fast you should start an all fruit diet for next seven days. Thereafter, you may adopt a general diet scheme on the following lines :-

Breakfast : Seasonal fresh fruitsexcept bananas.

Lunch : Large mixed raw vegetable salad with whole meat bread or chapatis and butter.

Dinner : Two or three steamed vegetables, other than potatoes, with nuts and fresh fruit.

You must not take starchy and sugary foods, which cause the general catarrh condition as well as conjunctivitis.

So be care full while consuming foods like white bread, refined cereals, potatoes, puddings, pies, pastry, sugar, jams and confectionery.

Also avoid the intake of excessive quantities of Meat, Strong Tea, Coffee, Too Much Salt, Condiments, Sauces, Protein and Fatty Foods.

Raw juice of vegetables, especially carrots, and spinach, are highly valuable in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

The mixed juices in combination of 200 ml. of spinach & 300 ml. of carrot juice have proved very effective.

In addition, Vitamin A and B2 too are equally important and much more beneficial to cure conjunctivitis.

So, you must take liberal quantities of natural food rich in these vitamins.

Valuable sources of vitamin A are : Whole Milk, Curd, Butter, Carrot, Pumpkin, Green Vegetables, Tomato, Mango and Papaya.

Foods rich in vitamin B2 are: Green Leafy Vegetables, Milk, Almonds and Citrus Fruits.

As regards local treatment to the eyes themselves, a cold foment renders almost immediate relief by chasing away an overactive local blood supply.

The step by step procedure is as follows :

Fold a small hand towel.

Saturate it with cold water.

Squeeze out excess water and mould toweling gently over both eyes.

Cover it with a piece of warm cloth & retain till the foment gets warmed.

Carry out this procedure for one hour & after cover your eyes with a dry towel.

Lie back and relax for another one hour.

As a result of above the damaged eye tissues will quickly return to normal. You should repeat this process every night at least for one week, even though the problem may clear up with the first treatment itself.

In addition to avoid re-infection, immediately replace your eye or face makeup, disposable contact lenses along with contact lens solution you were using during infection.

Clean eyeglasses and cases that you used while infected.

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