Glaucoma, a serious eye condition & cause damage to the optic nerve at the point where it leaves the eye. It happens when the liquid fluid builds up in the front part of the eye doesn’t circulate the way it should.

Due to non circulation, this liquid fluid increases the pressure (intraocular pressure) in your eye and damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to your brain.

If the damage continues, glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss. Without treatment, glaucoma can cause permanent blindness within a few years.Glaucoma-Hypertension of Eyes

A certain amount of intraocular pressure is necessary to keep the eyeball in shape, but too much pressure can cause damage to the eye and may result in vision loss.

Glaucoma is the major cause of blindness among adults. One out of every eight blind persons is a victim of glaucoma. Far sighted persons are more prone to develop this disease than near sighted ones.

Sign & Symptoms to Observe Glaucoma:
Glaucoma-Hypertension of EyesIn the first place you will observe appearance of halos or coloured rings around lights, especially at night.

You may feel sudden eye pain, headache & blurred vision.Glaucoma-Hypertension of Eyes

In this condition, the iris (the coloured part of the eye) is usually pushed forward, and the person often complains of constant pain in the region of the brow, near the temples and the cheeks.

The other symptoms of Glaucoma are:

Glaucoma-Hypertension of EyesVision Loss or Distorted Vision, Narrowed Vision or Tunnel Vision,

Redness in the Eye, Pain in the Eye,

Eye that Looks Hazy and Nausea or Vomiting.Glaucoma-Hypertension of Eyes

One of the cause of glaucoma is severe eye-strain or prolonged working under bad light.

Mostly the main cause of glaucoma is a highly toxic condition of the body system due to dietetic errors.

Consequently, a faulty life style and prolonged use of suppressive drugs taken for other diseases may also leads to glaucoma.

Glaucoma may also cause due to adrenal exhaustion which include tiredness, trouble falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning, salt, sugar craving and by prolonged stress.

Glaucoma-Hypertension of EyesDue to prolonged stress, adrenal fatigue decreases the ability of adrenal glands to produce adequate quantities of hormones. Eye-strain is only a contributory factor.

The inability of the adrenal glands to produce aldosterone results in excessive loss of salt from the body and a consequent accumulation of fluid in the tissues.

In the region of the eyes, the excess fluid causes the eyeball to harden losing its softness and resilience.

Over on above, other diseases associated with glaucoma are:


Sinus Conditions,




Arteriosclerosis and an Imbalance of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Treatment & Self Cure:
The modern medical treatment for glaucoma is through surgery, which release the intraocular pressure.

However, this does not remove the source cause and presence of the excess fluid.

Consequently, even after the operation, there is no guarantee whatsoever that the trouble will not recur, or that it will not affect the other eye.

The natural treatment for glaucoma is same as that for any other treatment associated with high toxicity.

If treated in the early stages, the results are encouraging. Though cases of advanced glaucoma may be beyond a cure.

On the positive side, you must avoid certain foodstuff to overcome from glaucoma, such as Bear, Tobacco, Coffee & other high caffeine content, Excessive Tea.

As a matter of fact, Bear & Tobacco constrict blood vessels, Caffeine causes stimulation of vasoconstrictors, elevate blood pressure and increase blood flow to the eye.

You may take tea, but only in moderation. You should also not take excessive fluids, whether it is juice, milk or water at any time.

In fact you should adopt a diet of below basic food groups, namely

Seeds, Nuts and Grains,

Vegetables and Fruit, especially Raw Vitamin C- rich Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Your breakfast may consist of Orange, Grapes or any other seasonal juicy fruits and a handful of raw nuts or seeds.

In lunch take raw vegetable salad dressed with olive oil and lemon with two to three whole wheat bread and a glass of buttermilk.

Your dinner may comprise of Steamed Vegetables, Butter and Cottage Cheese as required.

In general persons suffering from glaucoma are usually deficient in Protein, Calcium, Minerals and Vitamins A,B & C.

Nutrients such as Calcium and B complex are beneficial in relieving the intraocular condition.

Even Vitamin C therapy is very much helpful to lower down the intraocular pressure in glaucoma.

Due to large doses of Vitamin C, you may observe mild stomach discomfort and diarrhoea, which are temporary and soon will disappear.

To safer side, you may take some calcium with each dose of ascorbic acid to minimise any side effects of the large dose.

As we always read that precautions are better than cure, so as a precautionary measure you should undertake various methods of relaxing and strengthening the eyes.

Avoid emotional stress, prolonged straining of the eyes occurs during watching an excessive T.V. or movie and excessive reading.

Sleep with your head elevated to reduce intraocular eye pressure while you sleep. Use a wedge pillow to keeps your head slightly raised, about 20 degrees. Cultivate a Tranquil & restful lifestyle.