Epilepsy-Attacks of UnconsciousnessEpilepsy refers to a chronic condition in which repeated fits or attacks of unconsciousness occur with or without confusions. It is a serious disorder of a central nervous system.

It occurs in both children and adults. Most attacks, however occur in childhood & in an early adult life. Attack rates show a progressive decline in frequency with age.

Epilepsy is a very ancient disease which afflicted some of the world’s greatest personalities, including Napoleon, Alexander and Julius Caesar.Epilepsy-Attacks of Unconsciousness

The actual word “epilepsy” comes from the Greek word which means “to seize upon”. The ancient people believed that evil spirits entered into the body of the person afflicted & seized upon his soul & threw his body into convulsions.

The Greeks believed that the God induced this disease. Epileptic person has to face continual uncertainty about an attack on any particular occasion.

Epilepsy-Attacks of UnconsciousnessThey find themselves inhibited from engaging in social events.

Epileptic persons always have fear that they may embarrass by having another attack.

Such people also encounter difficulties in employments and other relationships.

Treatment of Epilepsy With Home Remedies :

First you have to follow a rigorous regimen consisting of a strict diet. The most important aspect of treatment is the diet.

Relax completely & optimum exercise in an open air.Epilepsy-Attacks of Unconsciousness

You must adhere to a simple and correct natural life, be cheerful, optimistic attitude & refrain from mental and physical overwork and worry.

Put yourself on an exclusive fruit diet for first few days.

Take three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits such as oranges, apples, grapes, grapefruit, peaches, pears, pineapple and melon.

Thereafter, you may gradually adopt a well balanced diet of three basic food groups

Epilepsy-Attacks of Unconsciousness1, Seeds, Nuts & Grains

2, Vegetables

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3, Fruits with emphasis on sprouted seeds such as Alfalfa Seeds, Mung Beans, Raw Vegetables and fruits.

The diet should include a moderate amount of raw milk preferably goat’s milk & milk products such as raw butter & homemade cottage cheese.Epilepsy-Attacks of Unconsciousness

You must eliminate all animal proteins completely from your diet, as they do lack in magnesium & also rob the body of its own magnesium storage as well as of vitamin B6.

The best food sources of magnesium are Raw Nuts, Seeds, Soya Beans , Green Leafy Vegetables such as Spinach, Kale, Beet-tops etc.

You should avoid all refined, fried & greasy foods along with sugar & products made with sugar.

Do not take strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, condiments & pickles.

Avoid over eating and take frequent small meals rather than a few large ones especially before going to bed.

Mud packs on the abdomen twice daily help remove toxaemic conditions of the intestines and thereby hasten removal of epileptic conditions.

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Apply hot & cold compresses alternatively to the base of brain or back of the head.

To start with first dip your feet in a bucket of hot water & apply hot & cold towel alternatively to the base of the brain for two to three minutes about four times. You must apply hot & cold compresses twice every day.

Take full Epsom-salt bath, twice a week are also beneficial.

If you are suffering from epilepsy & taking strong drugs from many years, then you should not leave off drugs entirely all at once.

You can cut your dosage to half at the beginning & gradually reduce further until it can be left off completely.

Always remain mentally active & avoid all severe mental & physical stress. An epileptic should strictly observe all the natural laws of good health, build and maintain the highest level of general health.

Above all, avoid all kinds of excitements.

Common Symptoms: Epilepsy is recognised by recurrent sudden attacks at irregular intervals.

The person twitch convulsively & fall unconscious to the ground during these attacks which cause tremendous nervous upheaval.

Epilepsy have two types which known as petit mal and grand mal. Each follows its own specific pattern.
In petit mal an attack comes & goes within few seconds which is less serious form of epilepsy

The person has a momentary loss of consciousness, without convulsions except sometimes a slight rigidity, or there may be slight attack of convulsions such as a jerk, or movement of the eyes, head trunk or extremities, with no perceptible loss of consciousness.

The person may not fall. He may suddenly stop what he is doing and then resume it when the attack is over, without even being aware of what has happened. Petit mal attacks may occur at any time in life but are most frequent in children.

In grand mal the attack comes with dramatic effects. There are violent contractions of the arms, legs and body, accompanied by a sudden loss of consciousness.

Before the onset of an attack, some persons have a warning or aura in the form of strange sensations such as a current of air or a stream of water flowing over a body, noises, odours and flashes of light.

In this typical attack the person cries out, falls to the ground loses consciousness and develops convulsions. With the convulsions may come foaming at the mouth, twitching of the muscles, biting of the tongue, distorted fixation of limbs, rotation of the head and deviation of the eyes.

The person may lose control of his urine and faeces. The attack may last several minutes and is usually followed by a deep sleep. On waking up, he may remember nothing of what happened to him.

People who suffer from epilepsy are not abnormal in any other way. Between epileptic attacks, their brain functions normally.

Causes: The cause of most cases of epilepsy is unknown. Some cases occur as the result of brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, infections of the brain, and birth defects,

Epilepsy denotes electrical malfunctioning within the brain due to damage of brain cells or some inherited abnormality.

There are many causes of epilepsy. Digestive disturbances, intestinal toxaemia and a strained nervous condition are very often the main cause of petit mal.

Grand mal usually results from hereditary influences, serious shock or injury to the brain or nervous system.

Meningitis, typhoid, and other diseases attendant with prolonged high temperature can also lead to grand mal.

Circulatory disorders such as hardening of arteries leading to the brain may also cause epileptic seizures. This type is rare and occurs only in very aged people.

Chronic alcoholism, lead poisoning, cocaine and other such habits can also lead to this disease.

Other causes of epileptic seizure include mental conflict, deficient mineral assimilation, particularly of magnesium and calcium and wrong vitamin metabolism.

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is also one cause of epilepsy in most cases.

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