Role & ResponsibilityRole & Responsibility understanding will always help project manager & project team to successfully lead & handover project. A successful project requires the project team to participate (at some level) in the planning process & be understand role & responsibility for completion of assignments.

It is important to have a defined formal structure for the project & for project team. This provides each individual with a clear understanding of the authority given for his role & responsibility necessary for the successful accomplishment of project activities.

Project team members need to be accountable for each role & responsibility assign & the effective performance of their assignments. Project organizations come in many forms.

On a large project, individual role assignments may require full-time attention to the function. On smaller projects, role assignments may be performed part-time, with staff sharing in the execution of multiple functions.

Role & Responsibility of Project SponsorSponsor: The project sponsor is usually a senior member of the department’s management team, which will ultimately be the recipient of the project’s end result.

The sponsor is an important stakeholder, usually head of a program area and not a day-to-day staff person. This is the person who makes the business argument for the project to exist and usually controls the overall funding of the project.

Key Role & Responsibility of Sponsor: 

Articulates organization department requirements.

Provides business direction to the project team.

Ensures that requirements are met.

Provides necessary funding and resources as appropriate.

Champions the project to provide exposure and buy-in from organization executives.

Communicates views on project progress and success factors to the project team and other stakeholders.

Provides strategic plans and guidance to correctly identify the relevance and value of the project both today and in      the future.

Obtains funding for project when necessary.

Assigns sponsorship personnel as points of contact.

Approves project charter and champion it before the executive committee.

Assigns project manager

Attends kick-off meeting.

Participates in planning sessions.

Assigns personnel through the project manager.

Approves funding along with executive committee.

Reviews and approves scope statement and project plan.

Attends executive requirement reviews.

Provides written agreement to requirements and qualifying criteria.

Helps resolve requirements problems.

Helps resolve issues, as appropriate

Attends and participates as needed at project status reviews and executive committee meetings.

Attends final system acceptance meeting

Provides representatives to attend outcomes assessment meeting.

Attends outcomes assessment meeting.

Signs-off on project completion.

Role & Responsibility of Project ManagerProject Manager: The project manager has total responsibility for the overall project and its successful completion. To succeed in this role & responsibility, the project manager must work closely with the sponsor to ensure that adequate resources are applied.

The project manager also has role & responsibility for planning and ensuring that the project is successfully completed on time, within budget, and at an acceptable level of quality. The project manager must be assigned early in the planning phase so the plan will be owned by the person responsible for its execution.

Key Role & Responsibility of Project Manager:

Implements project policies and procedures.

Acquires resources required to perform work.

Manages the project team.

Maintains staff technical proficiency and productivity, and provides training where required.

Maintains excellent communication with all stakeholders.

Establishes and maintains quality in the project.

Identifies and procures tools to be used on the project.

Defines project success criteria.

Documents project constraints.

Documents project assumptions.

Conducts cost-benefit analyses.

Develops project charter

Develops detailed project plan with the assistance of the project team.

Tailoring methodology to reflect project needs.

Creates a work breakdown schedule and an organizational breakdown structure with the assistance of the project  team.

Develops, or assists in the development of, a scope statement, project schedule, communications plan, risk  management plan (which includes a contingency approach), cost benefit analysis, procurement plan, project budget,  and a project transition checklist.

Ensures that management, users, affected organization departments, and contractors agree to project commitments.

Ensures that the project plan is approved and baselined.

Assigns resources to project and assign work packages (resource plan).

Approves project quality management approaches.

Manages day-to-day tasks and provide direction to team members performing work on the project.

Reviews regularly the project status, comparing budgeted to actual values.

Reviews regularly the project schedule, comparing baseline schedules to actual work completed.

Ensures that the project plan is updated and signed-off as needed.

Updates budgets and schedules and makes recommendations as needed.

Reviews the results of quality assurance reviews.

Participates in change control board to approve product/project changes.

Reviews project risks and establishes mitigation procedures.

Develops an action plan for any product deficiencies, open issues, etc.

Obtains customer and management approval of completed project.

Closes-out open action items.

Conducts final system acceptance meeting.

Creates project closure document

Closes-out any financial accounts or charge codes.

Conducts outcomes assessment meeting

Creates outcomes assessment report

Assists as needed with any post-project delivery audits.

Assists purchasing contract administrator(s) in contract closeout.

Archives all project data.

Celebrates success with stakeholders and the project team.

Some time in organisation the project manager assigned during the planning phase may be someone other than the project champion/leader who carried the project through the initiation phase. In this case the project manager must thoroughly review all of the materials previously created or assembled.

Role & Responsibility of Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee: The Executive Committee together with its subcommittees identifies the need for projects, assesses project risk, and approves project commitments.

It is responsible for establishing the strategic technology plans and for ensuring that projects are consistent with organization and overall organization technology plans. It is also responsible for developing the procedures to ensure that IS policies are followed.

Key Role & Responsibility of Executive Committee:

Prioritizes technology needs and includes them in organization strategic plans.

Ensures that sufficient resources are available to conduct projects.

Reviews/approves commitments to external entities (e.g., vendors, other agencies).

Ensures that staff is properly trained.

Assists in staffing effort in cooperation with the Sponsor.

Reviews/approves project charter

Reviews/validates risk analysis.

Ensures that funding is available.

Reviews/approves the project plan

Reviews/validates and approve risk analysis.

Budgets and establishes financial reserves based on risk analysis worksheet.

Ensures project staff availability.

Ensures that funding is available.

Reviews projects at regular executive committee meetings.

Approves changes to the project plan baselines.

Reviews risk-mitigation plans and acts on project manager’s recommendations.

Reviews/approves changes in contract commitments.

Reviews/approves project deliverables.

Approves project/phase completion.

Ensures customer and sponsor acceptance.

Participates in final system acceptance meeting.

Signs-off on project closure document, if key stakeholder

Ensures closing of accounting/financial files.

Sends representatives to participate in the outcomes assessment meeting.

Role & Responsibility of Project TeamProject Team: The Project Team has role & responsibility for conducting project activities. Project team members, as necessary, assist the project manager in planning the development effort and help construct commitments to complete the project within established schedule and budget constraints.

The project team may include the subject matter experts responsible for implementing the project solution. Customers and/or stakeholders should interact with the project team to ensure that requirements are properly understood and implemented.

Key Role & Responsibility of Project Team:

Identifies technical solution alternatives.

Implements solution within budgeted cost and schedule.

Coordinates with quality assurance organization.

Supports project planning and tracking.

Provides estimates for developing products.

Ensures that requirements are feasible and appropriate for available resources.

Analyzes requirements for completeness, consistency, and clarity.

Develops technical approach.

Partitions and assigns development tasks.

Assists in development of estimates and schedules.

Assists in development of a quality assurance plan.

Identifies tools needed for the project.

Ensures that all members of the project team understand the project plan.

Identifies staff training needs.

Ensures that project execution staff fully understands requirements.

Creates product and process solutions.

Tracks the project execution effort and submit status reports.

Conducts internal and external reviews and walkthroughs.

Creates configuration control and baseline documents.

Creates testing plan and coordinates test activities.

Executes assigned project tasks.

Identifies problems and schedule fixes.

Coordinates with quality assurance, review quality assurance results, and corrects any deviations.

Identifies and reacts to risks as they are found.

Participates in change reviews.

Participates in final system acceptance meeting, as appropriate.

Participates in outcomes assessment meeting, as appropriate.

Identifies ways to improve project processes.

Turns over all project-related documentation to the project manager for archiving.
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