Space parameters are the key features when you are going to build building, these parameters are considered at the planning stage of the building.

Below are key parameters before designing the building:

Main BuildingMin. Height from ground level =450 mm  ≈1.5 foot
Interior Court YardsMin. Height from Centre of the nearest street =150 mm ≈6 inch
Hostel Rooms  Size (Plan Area)
Single Seater Room8.5 Sqm  ≈  91.5 square foot
Two Seater Room7.5 sqm ≈  80.73 square footper person
Three Seater Room6.5 sqm ≈  70.0 square footper person
Dining Hall For Hostel
Sitting Area1.1 sqm ~ 11.84 square footper person
Pantry / Kitchen0.5 to 0.7 sqm ~ 5.38 to 7.53 square footper person
Residential Flats
For one room flatmin. area=9.5 sqm102.25 sq.foot
min. width2.4 meter8.9 foot
For two room flatmin area of one room9.5 sqm102.25 sq.foot
min area of second room7.5 sqm80.73 sq.foot
Height of ceilingMax. height4.0 meter13.12 foot
Min. height for non AC building2.75 meter9.02 foot
Min. height for AC building2.4 meter8.9 foot
SizeMin area4.5 sqm48.43 sq foot
min width1.5 meter4.92 foot
Kitchen cum diningMin area9.5 sqm102.25 sq.foot
Min width2.4 meter8.9 foot
Height of ceilingMin. height2.75 meter9.02 foot
PantryMin. floor area3.0 sqm32.29 sq foot
min width1.4 meter4.59 foot
Height of Dado0.9 meter2.95 foot
Bath Rooms & Water Closet
Bath RoomMin area1.8 sqm19.37 sq foot
min width1.2 meter3.94 foot
Water Closet (WC)Min area1.1 sqm11.84 sq foot
min width0.9 meter2.95 foot
Combined ToiletsMin area2.8 sqm30.14 sq foot
min width1.2 meter4.0 foot
Min height of toilet2.2 meter7.22 foot
LoftsMax. area of loft should be 25 % of covered area of floor
Max. height between loft & ceiling1.75 meter5.74 foot
Min. height below loft & floor2.2 meter7.22 foot
Store Roommin. area3.0 sqm32.29 sq foot
Min. height2.2 meter7.22 foot
Window / ventilator area for light & ventilation should be 5% of the floor area
Mazzanine FloorMax area should be 25% of the covered area of ground floor (mazzanine floor permitted only between grount & first floor)
Min. height2.2 meter7.22 foot
Max. height2.7 meter8.86 foot
Private GarageMin. size should be 5.4 meter x 2.75 meter or 17.71 foot x 9.02 foot.
Min. height2.4 meter8 foot
Min. 15 centi meter or 6 inch high from surrounding ground
Cupboards & ShelvesMax. projection0.75 meter2.46 foot
Max. width2.0 meter6.56 foot
No. of Cupboard in each room should be one
Height of Cupboard2.0 meter2.46 foot
Continuous cupboards with 0.75 meter projection permitted under sill & over lintel of window
Lighting & Ventilation of RoomsMax. width of varandha in case window of a room is opening towards varandha should be 2.0 meters
Min. size of internal courtyard in case window of a room is opening towards it should be 3 meter x 3 meters for building upto 10 meters height
Min. area of opening for ventilation and lighting in a room excluding door should be 10% of floor area
Mix. Distance in room from the opening for vantilation and lighting should be 7.5 meters
Exterior Open Space for Light & VentilationMin. 3 meter or 9.84 foot all around building
Parapet & HandrailMin height1.0 meter3.28 foot
Max. height1.5 meter4.92 foot
Boundry WallMax. height of front wall1.5 meter4.92 foot
Max. height of rear and side walls2.2 meter7.22 foot
For corner plot, the height of boundry wall for the length of 5 meters on front and side of the inner sections shall be restricted to 0.75 meter & the remaining height of 1.5 meter shall be made up by railing.
Area requirement for Other Buildings
Cinema Halls, Seminar Halls, Assembly Halls & AuditoriumsArea0.55 to 0.65 sqm per person including passages
Volume required3.0 to 4.5 sqm per person
Height to be kept6.0 meter
Min distance from front of the seat to back of next seat should be one and half feet
After every 8 seats one aisle should be available on either side
Lecture Rooms1.1 sqm ~ 11.84 square footper person
Office5.0 sqm ~ 53.82 square foot per person including passages and space for visitor’s seat
From ventilation & lighting consideration the maximum height of building should be less than 2 x width of street




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