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creativityCreativity is a combination of 1% inspiration & 99% perspiration.

As per my understanding, every person is creative on this planet, so creativity should always be a key focus area of all activities.

Often we hears –

“I shall sleep over this particular dilemma”

What does it actually mean?

It means that the person is tapping the capacities of his or her unconscious mind.

The solution that occurs to him / her is a Creative Inspiration.creativity

Implementing this solution with action is the final step of the Creative Process.

Any activity can be creative, when done with style and imagination.  It is how you do something, not what you do, that determines whether or not a particular task is “Creative”.

The Creative process is not something magical, mysterious or strange – It Is What You Do All the Time.

A Simple problem solving is also Creativity.

In other words Transformation from a Thought to an Idea

Creativity depends on a special kind of intuitive thinking.

First step involves in gathering information (visual or verbal),

Second step in sorting out this information,

Third step in turning this ‘sorted – out’ information by the unconscious mind. This ‘sorted – out’ information then germinates into an idea.creativity

In other words, the information gradually & randomly seeps into the mind, where it settles, mature & gets “shaped up”.

This “shaped up” idea is Inspiration.

Fourth step is the idea, which is till now dealt by an unconscious mind is actually working on by dedicated conscious mind.

Who is, therefore a Creative Person?

Is a Creative Person Born as God’s Gift or one who has Artistic Temperament?

In our mind it is forever drilled that only artists, musicians, authors and inventors, are Creative.

Creativity cannot be judged by pre-conceived ideas about “artistic temperament”.  It can only be judged by results.

So there is nothing called a creative personality, it is within every one’s reach & there are no exceptions.

You are also a creative person & to make yourself more creative you need to keep following in mind:

Don’t have any pre-conceived, patented, or long standing ideas (or a rigid approach). These are the worst enemies of imagination & therefore creativity discards them.

creativityDevelop your personal aesthetic benchmarks – without these you cannot hope to create anything.

Relax mentally.

Creative ideas adapt faster to a relaxed, spontaneous and creative mind.

Formal ‘grown – up’ thinking is often predictable and uncreative

Everybody has a very rigid Self-Critic inside their heads, so learn to fight off this self-Critic.

Always be a child, the child is really full of novel combinations and surprises.

Produce within a limited set of priorities.

Devote your energies to one endeavor; nobody can be creative in all fields.  Most of us produce within a limited set of priorities.

Learn to regard everything as a possible source of Inspiration.

Further to gear up your excellence in creativity, develop your human potential.

creativityA human brain weighs approximately .& there are 30 billion cells in a brain.  At any given moment, the brain gives off 14 trillion electrical impulses. It is the most complex process but in a lifetime we don’t even begin to tap the potential of our brain.

Hence revitalize your senses, regain the intensity of touch, vision, sound, taste and scent that you possessed as children.

Attempt calling several senses into play simultaneously, so that one enhances the other, the body and the mind are so intimately connected & they can’t be separated.

Be relaxed & travel back in time to meet and greet yourself as a small child, talk & listen to this child-become friend, you will notice that your concentration is more intense & your creativity enhanced

Be sure that your goals are commensurate with your abilities. Something that you can achieve, simple day dreaming does not help.

Fantasizing is not a creativity

Meanwhile, keep stretching your abilities and talents.  Learn more basics to create better. Never stop learning,  As and when you have more abilities and talents, set your goals accordingly.creativity

Always keep your momentum high & if your first creative effort does not worked out then you don’t be discouraged yourself, because rewards for high level talent come slowly, failure can be wellspring of creativity, so manage yourself properly.

Don’t limit yourself to high art, try yourself to everything, a simple thing may also lead to work in the field that interests you. The more knowledge you have, the more diverse that knowledge is & the greater you’re potential for creative output.

If required seek professional advice to better the quality of your creativity and expertise & never be afraid to go to professional for help. You may pay for professional advice, if required; at the end it will pay rich dividends.

creativityBrainstorming is another form of creative environment.  This exposes participants of the session to multiple stimuli.  One pitfall of Brainstorming is that it inhibits creativity by exposing the individual to disapproval.

Sometime a good critical opinion can make a great idea, hence zoom into correct focus.

Launching your creative career in any field may mean that, initially you do your best without certain rewards.

In addition don’t be afraid to switch specialties as if one specialty does not suit you then you should have another option, so explore other possibilities also.

First of all never think that you are too old to begin new kind of work, you have tcreativityo totally grown up & bring more discipline and motivation to your work than a youngster would.

While developing an idea, become a junk collector, keep record of all creative ideas& get into the habit of keeping small ‘notes on file’ for future reference.

Human memory is short, so you cannot remember everything.  Good creative ideas slip out faster than you get them & you always regret loss of these.  Some creative ideas do not work at one place, but they prove excellent at other locations, other circumstances and time zones.

Let your creativity be like an unpaid hobby, however to really establish your creativity you should begin to make money, either cash or as part of a paid job profile.

Money by itself is not the most important thing, though it is nice, but cash rewards help you to believe in the importance of your talent. Money is an excellent stimulant & can make you more creative.

creativityRemember ‘One Success Breeds another’, the 1st tiny accomplishment makes the 2nd, somewhat easier to manage. Pass through struggling period at the beginning, after you will gain a new kind of power & control over your life.

It is a great feeling to know you as a “professional” – a person who has really mastered the technique of a certain craft. The first success can lead to bigger ones – and ultimately to the great feeling of recognizing along with the rest of the world that you are really a creative.