A very successfulcandlel business man at his last stage was worried about his successful business legacy.
He had three able sons but still he was not very convinced as to whom he should proclaim as his successor. He decided to assess their ability.

One day he called all his sons and told them to carry out a task to the best of their ability; he took them to a medium sized room, gave amount of money 10,000/- to each son and asked them to purchase something in that money so that this room can be filled to the fullest.

1st son thought hard and long and decided that he should buy something that was cheap and had larger volume, so he spends all his money to buy cotton to fill up the room with. The Old man is not very convinced…

2nd son spends the entire amount of money to buy water that he pours in the room and shows to his father. The Old man is still disappointed.

Now comes the turn of the 3rd son. He takes his father to the room and opens the door.
The old man is surprised to see that the room was empty. The son immediately shuts the door and takes out a candle which he had purchased in just a minimal money of 1

He places the candle in the corner and lights it, the whole room is now filled with light…!

The son returns the remaining money to his father.

It’s not about having the best of resources but how one utilizes them, will make the difference…

Innovation and creativity will always keep you ahead of others !!

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